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Nanomaterials are continually evolving with time for various applications, including being used as reinforcements in nanocomposites. Nanocomposites may be viewed as abundant interface nanoscale systems having the ability to manipulate length-scales fundamentally important to many physical properties. Sometimes, this can impart multiple functions, which has led to a rapidly expanding scope and arena of application for these materials. In line with typical composite logic, the function of nanoparticles in a matrix is dependent on: (i) nanoparticle-matrix interaction and (ii) nanoparticle distribution in the matrix. This is with regard to any material property of the nanocomposites, be it crystallographic and/or electronic structure related.

The broad cross-section of contemporary research includes structure, processing, property, characterization, and modeling aspects of nanocomposite materials, including nanoparticle- and/or nanofiber-based materials. Consultation is solicited in (but not limited to) nanomaterials / nanocomposites for mechanical, thermal, energetic / catalytic, optical, magnetic, electronic, and biological applications. Multi-functional or green-energy applications are especially welcome. All consultation is for education purposes alone.

NanoWorld Innovations (NWI) is also involved with rocks and minerals.
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Announcement 1: Special topic 70th Year Anniversary of Carbon Nanotube Discovery - Focus on Real World Solutions is set to be published in Nanomaterials (MDPI) in 2023.

Special topic Carbon Nanotubes & Nanosheets for Sustainable Solutions is set to be published in Nanomaterials (MDPI) in 2024, as a broader continuation for the 70th year anniversary. 

Announcement 2: Special topic Nanotechnology in Clothing & Fabrics has been published in Nanomaterials (MDPI) in 2022.

Announcement 3: Special topic Nanocomposites: Nanoscience & Nanotechnology (Nanoscale Phenomena) in Advanced Composites has been published in Nanomaterials (MDPI) in 2022.

Announcement 4: Special topic Alleviating Climate Change and Pollution with Nanomaterials has been published in Nanomaterials (MDPI) in 2020.

Announcement 5: Special topic Layered Nano-Sheets: Synthesis & Applications has been published in Nanomaterials (MDPI) in 2020.

Announcement 6: Special topic ICME After One Decade: Success and Challenges has been published in the September 2018 issue of JOM.

Announcement 7: Nanocomposites IV: Nanoscience for Renewable Energy ran excellently during TMS 2017 in San Diego (USA). The corresponding special topic Nanotechnology in Renewable Energy is set to be published in Materials (MDPI) in 2019.

Announcement 8: Nanocomposites III during TMS 2015 in Orlando (USA) was a resounding success. The corresponding special topic is titled Futuristic Nanomaterials & Composites and has been published back-to-back in the December 2015 and January 2016 issues of JOM.

Announcement 9: Metal and Polymer-Matrix Composites during MS&T 2013 in Montreal (Canada) was successful. The corresponding special topic is titled Metal and Polymer-Matrix Composites: Functional Lightweight Materials for High-Performance Structures and has been published in the June 2014 issue of JOM.

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